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We Capture your Vision

Johnna Dominick is a national award-winning videographer based in the DMV area. A proud retired student-athlete of Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!) who went straight to Maryland for her Master's degree and to finish up her last year of track and field eligibility. As a University of Maryland Philip Merrill College of Journalism student, she was a part of a storytelling team that produced the biggest production to come out of the university to date. Not only that, one of the pieces she produced on the opioid epidemic even won an Emmy.


In the last few years, Johnna (who is most commonly known as Jojo) has worked on a variety of projects that have required her to travel overseas. To date, she has traveled to over 24 countries and has found her passion for this industry by seeing the world through so many different lenses.


Johnna Michelle Productions LLC produces videos and photos that connect you with your audience. Anyone can tell a story, but a well-told story needs a purpose if it’s going to inspire, educate or inform your audience.


That’s where we come in. Our goal at JMP is to understand your message and relate it to your audience through a story or photo that drives them to take action. Whether it’s myself or someone on my team, we work with you throughout the entire process to create genuine stories that resonate. Whether your goal is to inspire, educate or promote a business idea, we have a desire to help people's' voices be heard and turn their vision into reality!

Meet the Team



Kevin Stephenson is from Miami, Florida by way of Brodnax, Virginia. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 2019 with a degree in Construction Management.  Although he graduated with a degree in construction, he quickly realized his passion was behind the lens. Kevin is now the founder of K3 Marketing and Media, Group, LLC, and co-founder of the In Bag Tour Foundation. With the courage of going against the grain, he decided to go along with is passion. He hopes to inspire minorities to follow their dreams and passions and guiding them through the chosen route of entrepreneurship. Kevin is the lead photographer for every project that goes through JMP.

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Dre's role as creative director is to make sure we are thinking outside of the box and really masterminding the visions that our clients have. He helps with a variety of things such as concepts, graphics, social media and marketing. Dre takes pride in ensuring that our clients are heard and their expectations are not only fulfilled but exceeded.



Jake is a United States Air Force veteran. He currently serves as a firefighter at the North Las Vegas Fire Department. Recently Jake has become immersed in the world of cinematographer and travels the world creating content shot with equipment such as Panasonic GH5, GH5s, in addition to the DJI mavic II and phantom IIII pro drones.


His attention to detail and creative mind landed him a opportunity of a lifetime as his work has been aired on MTVs hit show, The Challenge.

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Aaron Doggett is an established photographer, videographer and digital media content creator. Aaron was gifted his first DSLR Camera in 2012, and has not looked back since. He has developed a desire for creative storytelling and will one day bring compelling imagery to a device near you! He loves photography of all genres! He enjoys shooting everything from sports, concerts, events and weddings to portraiture, landscape and lifestyle photography. Always looking to expand his portfolio, you can often find Aaron behind the lens of his camera capturing moments that will live forever!



Ricky Lasser enjoyed his humble beginnings in production by operating the audio board for Clarksville Middle's morning news show - CMS TV-25 - then running across the street before class would start in fifth grade.


After a few attempts in front of the camera, Ricky has found his calling as a video storyteller. While at the University of Maryland, he was fortunate to take the last spot in the advanced documentary class, ViewFinder. As a member of this class, he crafted stories of paratroopers jumping into a stadium, a friend making the best of a diagnosis and of an inmate stuck in a cell with his father whom he'd never met. Ricky received accolades from around the country for his work including a national Best in Show from BEA in Las Vegas.


Ricky believes the true power of the digital video platform is in raising up the voiceless to be heard loud and clearly.

To Karen, photography has always been more than snapping a good photo. It's about people and creating an experience that makes them feel alive.


If there something I want you to know about her right away, it's that she loves three things - water, chocolate, and dogs. If you bring any of these three items to our photoshoot, you'll instantly become best friends.


A Maryland resident and an introvert at heart, she comes alive when she's shooting. On photoshoots, she loves to interact and get to know you because she believes it's important to capture your authentic self. You are her inspiration!

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